Sunday, July 14, 2013

Honeymoon Gift Basket or Wedding Night Midnight Snack for Bride and Groom

I've already mentioned in an earlier post that one of my older brothers got married this past Christmas. I posted pictures of the bridal shower we threw for his fiancĂ© HERE. My mom, sister, and I made this cute gift basket for the happy couple for their honeymoon. We left it at the place where they were headed, but you could just give it to them as they are leaving too!

I couldn't tell you what all was in there specifically but here is the jist of things...
- Crackers
- Cheese (different flavors)
- Cheese Knife
- Salami
- Chips
- Soda
- Pretzels 
- Cookies
- A card addressed to the MR. and MRS. 

We got everything from World Market in their little "build your own gift basket" section. They had miniatures of everything, I loved it! So they had a "midnight snack" for their wedding night and honeymoon.


  1. I love that they got this basket on their honeymoon... I would have loved something like this!! GREAT idea for the newlyweds. Also who made that cute card?? heehee. If you want to see more of my paper crafts visit

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