Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I "Heart" You Lunch

My boyfriend used to work the night shift which meant his "lunch" or dinner was at 6 pm and he always liked me to bring him food because he only got about 15 mins to eat. Being the awesome girlfriend I am I would bring him dinner ALL the time! Mostly just fast food stuff. But I wanted to do something extra special for him one day and that is why I made him this heart lunch. When I gave it to him I said "I heart you!" and all his food was in the shape of hearts.

Not only did I make this really adorable "heart" lunch, but I put them in these cute Star Wars containers that I found in the dollar section at target (One of my favorite places in the world).

I cut up bananas and strawberries into hearts, which was very simple. With some DELICIOUS homemade fruit dip.

A chicken salad sandwich cut into a heart. We eat our chicken salad sandwiches on croissants but I couldn't find a way to make the croissant into a heart AND have it fit in the container. So I did a small heart shaped sandwich on regular white bread and then another sandwich on a croissant.

Heart shaped cheese with crackers. Triscuits, Wheat thins, and Rits crackers with pepper jack and colby jack cheese hearts.

My boyfriends FAVORITE treat is Trix Crispies or Trix Treats. They're made exactly like Rice Crispy Treats but with Trix. (It's funny that this is his favorite treat because I can make very delicious, time consuming baked goods and all he ever wants is a treat I can throw together in 2 seconds.) So for dessert, a Trix crispy heart.

He loved it! All his coworker are jealous that he not only gets a delicious meal but that someone loves him enough to smother him in hearts!! haha Maybe your guy wouldn't be into this... and thats okay too! You could make him a nice manly lunch with.... jerky! and steak!! Heart bacon maybe?

Mischief managed!

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  1. This heart lunch is SO cute!! And target dollar section rocks my world too. The best. I can't wait until Kimber is in school and I can pack her cute lunches like this and use her hello kitty tupperware! heehee. Maybe I will do something like this for Ben one day for school, he would like that. Also did you change trix cripy??? hahaha I don't see it anymore ;) I love the idea of using paper baking cups.. plus they're disposable. I did a quick version of this for Ben one night when he had to stay late at work, instead of cutting everything into hearts I just carved a heart into the butter on his banana bread and stuck a heart post it note on the top of the container that said I heart you.