Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snail Mail Love

I love snail mail. There is just something special about sitting down and writing down a thoughtful message to someone, sealing it, putting postage on it, and sending it off to the recipient! Also, who doesn't love to receive mail?? I know I love it! Not to mention I love the "crafty" part of snail mail ;) All the cute stationary, postage, and sealing wax. Today I just wanted to post some pictures of a letter I sent to my boyfriend!

I used my 7 Gypsies stationary, a fountain pen and ink, and sealed it up with black wax and a heart stamp. 

Mischief Managed. For now..... :) 


  1. You have a very lucky boyfriend ;) I love snail mail too. This post reminds me that I want black sealing wax and a cool fountain pen like yours. heehee! I need to send more snail mail so I can use some of my cool postage from Christmas!

  2. I love how letters look when they're written with old fashioned ink! Your handwriting is also really pretty :)