Monday, July 8, 2013

The Hobbit Gift Basket

This past December The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey came out in theaters. Now (most of) my family are fans of Lord of The Rings (me included in that!) so we were all looking forward to the new movie. My brother, Eric, especially loves them. So just to be the sweet loving sister that I am, I made him a Hobbit themed gift basket to get him excited to see the new movie. I even included midnight premiere tickets for him and some friends! Best sister ever? I think so.


  • The Hobbit board game
  • The Hobbit t-shirt ( to wear to the premiere of course)
  • A book about the making and filming of The Hobbit
  • The Hobbit Legos
  • A Lord of the Rings xbox game (From Toys R Us and Its an older game so It wasn't expensive)
  • A Lord of the Rings key chain
There it is! He really loved it. I found all the Hobbit supplies very easily because it was close to the premiere so everyone had stuff for sale. I don't know how easy it would be to find this stuff now though?? 

Any questions or comments??



  1. I want to know which family member doesn't LOVE the Hobbit!!!

    1. Well I don't think amber likes any of those movies... And I don't know about Craig and Salem? Haha

    2. Actually I DO like them.. just not as much as you crazies ;) Im not obsessed or anything... like soooome people I know ;)))) But you are very creative and I saw this at the house. I bet Eric loved it.. you're always doing sweet stuff for him. I love that you help take care of our awesome brothers Holls. xoxox