Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bridal Shower

My brother got married last December so my sister, mom, and I threw a bridal shower for his fiancé. 
And i just wanted to share some pictures with you.
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About the shower. It was in december near Christmas so we decked out the house in all our best Christmas decorations. We served soup and pasta and had a "buffet" of delicious treats.

We thought it would be a cute idea to buy one of those chalk board signs and display it at the shower. We wrote some general info on the board. At the end of the shower we gave the board to the bride to be to put in her house! 

Also, just to go with the theme of the bridal shower (besides that whole christmas stuff) The theme was Boudoir. We set up a clothing rack. Every present she opened up we hung up for display. 

I'm not for the games people play at these showers, so when I throw showers I don't plan any of these games! BUT...... (how hypocritical of me) we did do a game this time. We had a basket of "goodies" (massage oil, hand cuffs, other things...) wrapped up. Every time some one said the word Jami (the bride to be name) she had to open a new goodie gift. 

And thats all she wrote!


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  1. This bridal shower was SO fun and SO cute... great job with the invites Holly! I loved the idea of requesting only lingerie for the bride to be. It made for a very fun party for Jami. Especially if the bride to be will not be having a bachelorette party! Other ideas for displaying the goods after the bride opens them up (if you don't have a movable clothes rack) could include hanging a string across the room and hang lingerie with clothes pins or hang the lingerie from something like a coat or hat rack.