Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Friends Mini Album

Last year one of my friends moved away and as a going away "present" I made her a little scrapbook of us! 

Snail Mail Love

I love snail mail. There is just something special about sitting down and writing down a thoughtful message to someone, sealing it, putting postage on it, and sending it off to the recipient! Also, who doesn't love to receive mail?? I know I love it! Not to mention I love the "crafty" part of snail mail ;) All the cute stationary, postage, and sealing wax. Today I just wanted to post some pictures of a letter I sent to my boyfriend!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I "Heart" You Lunch

My boyfriend used to work the night shift which meant his "lunch" or dinner was at 6 pm and he always liked me to bring him food because he only got about 15 mins to eat. Being the awesome girlfriend I am I would bring him dinner ALL the time! Mostly just fast food stuff. But I wanted to do something extra special for him one day and that is why I made him this heart lunch. When I gave it to him I said "I heart you!" and all his food was in the shape of hearts.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Honeymoon Gift Basket or Wedding Night Midnight Snack for Bride and Groom

I've already mentioned in an earlier post that one of my older brothers got married this past Christmas. I posted pictures of the bridal shower we threw for his fiancĂ© HERE. My mom, sister, and I made this cute gift basket for the happy couple for their honeymoon. We left it at the place where they were headed, but you could just give it to them as they are leaving too!