Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Harry Potter Gift Basket

I love Harry Potter. The books, the movies, the character... I love them all! Which should be no secret because the name of my blog is from the Harry Potter books. I hope most of you get that, I'm not really "up to no good"! In fact I would dare to say I'm the opposite. So now that you know I'm a huge Harry Potter nut (not like a crazy one.. just a normal amount of love one person would give to a fictional story) it wont surprise you that I went to Universal Studios in Florida to visit the Wonderful World of Harry Potter. IT WAS AMAZING!! I won't go into any of the details really, but I will say that if you are thinking of going... GO!!!! This is the gift basket I made for my man of all the candy I brought back for him.

I love Harry Potter, I love my boyfriend, and I love giving gifts. This gift basket combines all of them! I honestly think I enjoy putting together packages and gifts better than my boyfriend likes to receive them. Which is saying a lot because he loves anything I do for him :) He's just great like that.

Contents of gift basket:
- Chocolate Wand
- Fizzing Wizzbees
- Ton Tongue Toffee
- Caramel Cobwebs
- Chocolate Frog
- Bertie Botts every flavor beans
- Lemon Drops (Dumbledore's favorite candy)
and to wash all that delicious candy down...
- Pumpkin Juice

Here is the basket I made for my brother. It doesn't have as much candy but it has a hat, scarf, and wand.

- Chocolate Wand
- Fizzing Wizzbees
- Exploding Bon Bons
- Bertie Bots Every Flavored Beans
- Gryfindor Scarf
- Gryfindor Hat
- Wand from Ollivanders!

Here are some pictures from the park!

I would go back in a heart beat! Also, just the other day I read something about them possibly expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter part of the theme park!! If they do I HAVE to go back again.

Mischief Managed!!!


  1. Now... Harry Potter on the other hand... I am crazy about ;))) Love this basket too!!! So cute :) I am still so jelly that you and Mom went to Harry Potter World!! I MUST go there...

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