Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movie Gift Basket

Gift basket I helped my friend make for her other friend.

I helped my brother make this movie gift basket for a girl he was seeing about two years ago! I thought it was pretty cute! Then I made two cards to go with the basket shaped like movie tickets.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality. I take all my pictures from my phone, and my lens was scratched for these pictures.

Inside the basket:
- Her favorite candy
- Her favorite pop
- Some of her favorite "energy drinks" from Jamba Juice
- Popcorn

The two tickets are a "Free Pass" to watch her favorite movies with my brother. and on the back he wrote his birthday message for her. 

I showed my friend this basket and she had a friends birthday coming up so I helped her make hers too!

So I actually got a picture of the contents of this basket!
- Popcorn
- Popcorn bags
- Candy
- Dr. Pepper
- Two scary movies (the girl likes scary movies) 

So I made those two basket above in the summer time and then that following Christmas I made a movie gift basket for my boyfriend's parents. 

- Favorite candies
- Favorite pop
- Popcorn
- First season of Dexter ( awesome show by the way! ) 
- Christmas Card


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  1. Movie gift baskets are always a great idea... who doesn't like to see a new movie??! Case in point.. one for a friend, one for a girlfriend, one for the parents! I love the idea of putting the 'admit' tickets on the baskets, I've never thought to do that, great idea! I like making my baskets as personal as possible like you did.. if I know the recipient well enough I always include their favorite drink and candy.