Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Snail Mail Love

I love snail mail! I love receiving and sending mail. My sister lives in a different state and we Facetime each other everyday. Literally, everyday. But we love to send each other stuff in the mail too! Little gifts or just a cute note. Here is the picture of a letter I sent to my sister yesterday and one to her daughter, Kimber, for her first birthday which is next week.  

Now who wouldn't love to see that in their mailbox!? The stationary I used was a "fold and mail" notepad that you can buy HERE online from Chronicle Books. ( This is the same place I got those cute scratch cards for my "Open when..." letters )

Left side: Back of paper with lines. Right side: front of paper with address label

This is what the paper looks like. You tear a piece from the note pad and on one side there are lines for writing your message and the other side has a label for the address. When your done writing you fold up the three edges on the top and moisten them to seal. Easy as that! Paper and envelope all in one. I would also love to get an airmail fold and mail stationary set from amazon, because I love everything airmail. 

If you are wondering where I got my postage stamps then I will tell you! The pink and red flower stamp on the top letter addressed to Kimber I got from my local post office. The purple eagle postage stamps I ordered HERE off Etsy. The shop name is PackandPost. I also love ordering stamps from VerdeStudio, another Etsy shop. I have a good sized collection of vintage unused postage for mailing cute letters and postcards :)

I also wanted to show you this amazingly awesome postcard I sent to my man!! He likes star wars.

How awesome is that!? I got the postcard in a set of 100 Star Wars postcards from Chronicle Books (which I just mentioned above), from HERE. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them. And I've only seen one full Star Wars movie. (Don't worry, me and my man have plans to have a Star Wars movie marathon soon) So I also ordered Star Wars postage stamps from amazon to go with these postcards! I already gave him a few of these post cards in some other letter sets which I will be posting once I get pictures of them but... I think this one is the best so far! I am so creative..... (haha yes, that sounds a tad conceited but sometimes I really do impress myself. It may not impress you, and thats okay.) I wrote the message on the card like the opening credits to the movie with the text looking like its fading into the distance. I even tried to make the message similar to the actual credits! Here is how it reads incase you can't see the text in the picture.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It was a period
of loneliness where
two lovers were
separated by many miles.

During this separation,
rebel Ethan overcame
many battles and
Stole the secret plans
to the princess's heart.

Meanwhile princess
Holly awaits the arrival
of her rebel so she can
restore freedom to 
the Galaxy.....

Isn't that cute!? Anywho... I thought it was!! 
So that is my snail mail love for today! 

Any questions or comments??


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  1. Holly, Thank you so much for the letters!!! We LOVED them. Snail mail is the best.. I bet even the postman likes seeing your dolled up letters come through the mail and they're not even for him!! LOL. I thought it was so adorable how Kimber snatched up her letter and took it behind the couch to read her secret message from Aunt Holly ;) hahaha. We love you, you're the BEST.