Monday, July 1, 2013

Candy Bar Poster

Not too long ago I made this candy bar poster for my boyfriend. He LOVES candy of any kind. My sister also made one for her husband. I don't know why I love these so much! I guess because you don't see them very often anymore? At least I don't.. maybe you do.

The one I made my boyfriend was huge! It took up three posters! I had to actually stand on the table to get it all in the picture. You do not have to make yours that large. I kind of went crazy with it. Here is the "message" I put on his poster.

Hey "Sugar Baby"! I used to think you were a big "Nerd" but I never "Snickered" at you! I heard through the "Grapevine" that you were a "Mr. Good-body". When I first saw you with your "3 Musketeers" I thought you were a "Hot Tamale". I "Crushed" on you immediately. I acted like an "Airhead" and had "Butterfingers". My heart did "Flips"! When we hang out I feel like we're in the "Milky Way" watching "Starbursts". Now we've been dating a while I have to smell your "Reesty" "Whoppers" when I wish they were "Good and Fruity". I still hope one day you "Chews" to "Rolo"ver and share your "Payday" with me. You're a "Lifesaver" and you bring me "Joy". I love you to "Pieces"!!! With lots of "Hugs and Kisses"
"York" truly,

haha oh man! Every time I read the part about the "reesty whoppers" it makes me laugh. Anywho!! He loved his poster full of candy! I had it hanging from his doorway to his bedroom. There was no way to miss it. Since it was so long it took up the whole door frame!! These are so fun to make (and receive!). 

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  1. Hahahahah.... I will never forget laughing so hard when you were writing this poster.. even Craig was getting such a kick out of it. I have made several of these in my day and they always turn out so cute no matter what the message says, but this once is awesome! Remember me brainstorming for mine and we found the little beef stick in the gas station called a 'lil chub'?? hahahaha oh man.

    1. Yes! I also remember finding a "slap stick" and a "mounds" haha maybe one day I'll let you ROLOver and feel my MOUNDS hahahaha