Friday, June 28, 2013

Senior Year Scrapbook

I love scrapbooking! ( Obviously. ) I graduated in the fall of 2012 and that following summer I made a scrapbook of my senior year.

I used an old book we had and didn't want/need anymore. I would glue two or three pages together and then rip out about 50 ( This was a really large book, normally when I make scrapbooks this way its smaller and I glue together 2 pages and then rip out only about 10). I rip out pages because if I kept them all in there, there would be no room for paper, pictures, and embellishments. By the time I'm done with glueing pages together and ripping the rest out of the book, the book is basically empty. The front and back cover pieces touch because the book is so empty of all its pages. This is good! That means lots of room for embellishments. Maybe another day I'll post pictures of the whole process. For now I'm just going to post pictures of my scrapbook, enjoy! ( Some of the pictures may look like the same page twice, and they are! In that case there was probably a "flap" or something that I moved and then retook the picture so you can see what's behind there)

If you are interested in having me make YOU a custom scrapbook go HERE to my Etsy shop, Craftimania and message me about a custom book!

First day of school picture!

Same picture as the one above it, except i moved the boarding pass so you can see what was behind it. The boarding pass is glued right into the binding of the book.

That big blue thing on the left side is a pocket, inside there are pictures! See below for pictures of those pictures. haha. Also, the little "Remember this" piece of paper comes out of those two pins and unfolds, picture below.

Two pictures inside the pocket, this is the front side, Below is the back side.

Back side of the pictures in the pocket

This picture shows the back of my dress and embellishments that were hiding behind this flap. I glued two pictures back to back and then glued them right into the binding of the book to make a flap.

A pocket full of acceptance letters and scholarships. AND my diploma shrunk down really tiny! 

TINY DIPLOMA! How cute is that?

A pocket full of Precious Treasures from the year. Including birthday hats from my birthday, my graduation tassel, and my graduation announcement (Which i made myself! That will be another post later I'm sure)
And there ya have it! I hope you enjoyed my scrapbook as much as I do! Hopefully it gave you some ideas for your own book.

Any questions or comments??



  1. This scrapbook is seriously ridiculously good. It is so stinkin cute.. I can't walk by it without looking through it!! The pocket in the back is awesome. You are so good!!! I need to get into action and put some together for myself. How did you get better than me at scrapbooking?? ;) haha. I love the cover on this one. You guys... If you have never made a scrapbook out of a book like this you MUST try it!!!! They are SO adorable. If you want one but don't have the time to make it.. I sell them on my Etsy shop, feel free to check them out!!

  2. P.S. Thanks for showing me how to make these Holls!

  3. This is SO awesome! You did a fantastic job. Definitely something to be proud of!

    1. Aww thank you so much for the sweet comment!! You just made my day!! :)

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  5. I've been looking for some ideas to complete my son's senior year book but honestly think I'll wait and do this for my sophomore daughter's when she's a senior! Super cute and exactly what I've been looking for ideas on! Thank you!

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