Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Scrapbook

Since Halloween in coming up real quick I thought I would post a Halloween scrapbook that I made last year. Its for sale at my Etsy shop, HERE, if anyone is interested!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in months! Busy Busy over here! For this book I used the same method that I used to make my senior year scrapbook, post HERE. I took an old book and glued pages together and ripped pages out to make room for embellishments. This was a smaller book so i would glue about 2 pages together and then rip out like 15 pages. Then glue two more together and rip out another 15. I didn't cover the book because the book was a "scary" book and i thought it went with the whole Halloween theme! But if someone was interesting in buying the book and wanted it to be covered, that would be no problem! Here are some pictures! The book is about a 4X6 inches. I made the book so there is room for pictures and journaling. All you have to do is tape in a picture and write down your memories. Maybe tape in some ticket stubs or other mementos. 
If you are interesting in ordering a custom scrapbook or other crafty things, message me at my Etsy shop, Craftimania. HERE

The little "Chest and the boneyard band" tag is a flap glued into the binding of the book! You could add another photo to the back or journaling. This add extra room to the book. It leaves the pages open and then adds extra space as well! The picture below shows the flap moved to show the page behind it.

The above page show another tab glued into the binding of the book. This tab is actually a pocket with a cute journaling tag inside. The two photos below show the front and back side of the tag.

The below picture is some of the details up close! Like the colored  staples used to help hold the pages together. The binding of the book where i glue the tabs in. And one of the tabs.

So there's all the pictures!! Any questions or comments? If you want a custom scrapbook or anything message me on my etsy shop! Crafitmania. HERE
Thanks for stopping by :)

Mischief managed! (I am currently watching Harry Potter. No surprise there right??) 

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