Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Missionary and Military Package

I've had three brothers complete LDS missions, and I currently have a brother serving in Italy. He gets home in a month though, YAY! Me and my brother are only a year and half apart so we have always been close. I'm really good friends with my brother's friends too because of all the time they spent at my house. This is just a small post of a package I sent to my brother in Italy, his friend (who is also serving an LDS mission there), and his other friend (who is in the Marines, stationed in Japan).

I did everything orange, and in the card I did some variation of "Orange you glad...."
This is what i put in the boys packages:
- Reese's puffs
- Reese's minis
- Reese's pieces (pretty much any Reese's product would work)
- Nature Valley peanut
- Cheez it
- Gold fish (not pictured)
- Tide to go
- Orange Gatorade ( I actually couldn't send these through custom :( but if you snuck them in something else............. haha be creative ) Also those new gatorade chews looks great or if you can't send liquids you can always send the Gatorade powder that they add to water.

Thats all i sent! But there are so many things you could add. It doesn't have to be limited to food either. I also made orange cards to go with the package with a message.

I hope you enjoyed this little post!


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  1. These boys LOVED their packages. You are too sweet. I will have to do this for Ben... He would love that. I LOVE that you are always coming up with good ideas so I can borrow them ;) Thanks!! Another idea could be.. I'm 'GRAPE'ful for you.. haha