Monday, January 13, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines is coming up very soon! So here is a quick post on some gifts I gave two valentines ago. HERE is the scrapbook I gave my fiancé last year for Valentines day.

Lets start with the big gift basket I gave my handsome man.

I got everything that is in his basket from Target. I LOVE target. I just went down the Valentines isle and got all the "manly" snacks. 
  • Chocolate tools
  • Chocolate cigars
  • Chocolate sports balls in a "locker"
  • Candy lures
  • More candy lures
  • Snack mix for the "man cave"
And of course, all wrapped up in a pink tin (also from target) for Valentines sake!

Thats not all I got my him though. (Yes, I know, I go overboard and spoil him rotten.)

Here is a case of red Crush soda and i decorated the container with scrapbook paper and it says "I've gotta CRUSH on you"

These individual Crush sodas I gave to some of my girlfriends with cute hand made tags and a sweet note on the back.

I gave some Pop Rock Valentines to my mom and some teachers. I made a little pocket out of scrapbook paper for the Pop Rocks to fit in with the saying "You ROCK!" on them.

And there ya have it! I hope this gives you the inspiration to create your own valentines gifts! Or at least inspires you to go to Target to buy some valentines. haha! :) Teasing of course…… Except I'm not teasing. 

Mischief Managed!

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